Evan Wang

About Me

Greetings! Welcome to my personal site.

My name is Evan Wang. I'm a freshman graduate student in NCU, majoring in Computer Science and Information Technology.

I was also the college student from Nation Central University, graduating in summer 2016.

I am a amateur photographer, photo/movie editor and car enthusiast.

I love to watch anime, play first-person shooter games and sleep of course!

Personal Expertise and Research

Programing language

  • Java / Javascript / PHP


  • HTML / CSS / Laravel Framework

Research Project

  • Adaptive HTTP Streaming / Chatbot

My work

I am one of the web developers in NCU Computer Center.

You can visit the website i am working on by the link down below.

Service Desk

Contact Me

You can find me at Wireless Network and Multimedia Lab, E6-B318, National Central University.

Or, contact me with facebook and email (kay821221@gmail.com).


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